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I enjoy making things - I also enjoy breaking things ... many people call on me if they need stuff demolishing or ripping up ... I remember once being asked to move a tree stump, hefty thing, we dug for hours and just couldn't seem to get the main tap root out, then the guy I was working for had to go and do another job, by the time he returned ... I had the stump out! I'd stuck a 1 ton car jack underneath it ... that did the trick :D

I guess, what I'm trying to say is I'm pretty handy when it come to most things!

I never felt I was that good at art or crafts when I was at school, but since leaving, I've come to realise that I can turn my hand to most things, I think its just having the desire to try, something that school never really instilled ... sketching a bowl of fruit or making an ash spice rack just doesn't have appeal on the same level as bashing on a piece of steel and then using something really hot and full of dangerous amps to stick other bits of steel to it!

Thats not to say I don't enjoy some of the more traditional forms of art, I've tried my hand at oil painting (with varying degrees of success) ...

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