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I've never had a lesson on anything metalwork related - I've cut myself, burnt myself and broken loads of tools trying to work out how to do it!

I like metal, I can't explain it, I'm guessing its that hardwired idea that its somehow elemental, the way blacksmiths must have been looked upon with awe ... in fact I've often wondered how exactly somebody worked out that heating some rock up (a lot) made some of it melt, and that (liquid) bit could be used to make really hard and strong things ?

I'm guessing people had more time then, no Facebook updates to keep them from doing anything remotely useful :D

I'm always tinkering around with different ideas, and I've never failed to find something else to fascinate me about metals and they will (or won't stick together) ... I've even built a small furnace to smelt brass, but more about that later ... and my numerous other failures!

A Sculpture for my Brothers Wedding

I don't like to dwell too much on what is and what isn't art, and frankly I think if you like something, thats all thats important ...

... that being said, I did put some thought into my brothers sculpture. As, however, its a totally pointless 'thing' it doesn't really matter whether or not you see the relevance of anything else about the structure ... I found some mild steel at work, that used to make the insides of rope coils ... I'd had them at home for a few weeks when, while looking at them in a questioning way ... "Why the hell do I keep bringing useless bits of crap home?" I asked myself ... it occurred to me that I didn't really have much money for a wedding present for my little brother, and something made is something from the heart (well thats what I told him) ...

... as I was on a pretty tight schedule (I think I welded the last bit about midnight the night before the wedding) heres a photo my brother sent me of the completed item ...

tada - done ... i think its ok :D

... now for the arty bit ...

My brothers wedding was on August the 8th (8th day of the 8th month) - the two loops within the outer loop are number eight's, they are also Mobius strips and/or the symbols for infinity ... make of it what you will ! ... or don't :D

A cage for a big bird

This where I will tell you a little about a project to house a pigeon ... I just have to collate the photos first :)


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