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I did woodwork at school - it wasn't very interesting.

Woodwork I've done since has been much more rewarding.

I can do the usual shelf building, door hanging stuff, but what I really enjoy is the more unusual ...

Treasure Chest

A chest I made for my mum


This is a chest I made for my mum ... its made from an old pallet a cut up battered leather jacket and a few bits I bought from the hardware store ...

I like using all sorts of wood, but I tend to come back to recycling old bits ... usually, but not always from pine pallets.




A chest I made for my mum




Heres the inside (I got the lining from the bargain bucket at a haberdashery) and used some more brass upholstery tacks to hold it together ... my Mum uses it to keep her knitting in :D






Very very silly joke fishtank

When you first think of these things, you always underestimate the amount of time and effort a not very funny joke will actually take to pull off!

We needed something to hold our new fish tank, it neede to be sturdy and have some way of holding the lighting ... this was my solution ...

my fish tank

... its a big treasure chest ...

detail of fish tank





... Ok, its not the best joke ever, but it kept me amused for a couple of days :P







... Heres a nice detail ... I did the fixtures in a nice olde worlde blacksmith stylee!

nice huh?

Other woodwork projects

I'm still digging through my stuff to find things to put here ... how about a shelf I made for our new kitchen ...

Distressed Shelving unit

... it's supposed to be distressed! ... honest ... here it is in the kitchen :)

All fitted ... now just the corner unit to build

... and a project in progress for my nephew ... a combined ride on train / toybox!

toybox for my nephew

... oh, and I almost forgot ...

... I've been making boxes from pallets whenever I find some nice ones :D

Nice boxes from reclaimed pallet wood

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