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I'm pretty handy with most types of software ... both desktop and web based.



If I don't know how to use something, I can get up to speed fairly quickly (as long as there is a good help system, or a community with a decent tutorials section!) ... I tend to believe the best way to learn about anything is to get stuck in and use it - I draw the line at heavy machinery - especially if it has sharp fast moving bits, for those I read the manual first (twice), then have a go!

Office type software

I'm good with the whole Microsoft suite of Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint (to varying degree's and on various incarnations of the products) and I've studied for my Advanced European Computer Driving License.

ECDL AdvancedI've also used the Open Office tools on numerous and regular occasions (and in several cases, in preference to Microsoft Office).

I wouldn't say I was any type of guru on these products however I use them in my day to day work, and on occasion I have found it necessary to write Excel and Word macros, for clients and to make life easier for myself when collating data or designing forms for staff to use.

Graphics Packages

When it comes to graphics packages, I'm a 'make do and mend' advocate - if a certain product doesn't do something I want it to do, I'll find a product that does (hopefully freeware or Open Source) and use it for that single purpose.
InDesignI've not had call to do as much graphic work as I like to in the last few months, but I regularly use Adobe products - InDesign for print work and Photoshop for Internet based design ... I have a copy of GIMP on all of my computers (even those with Photoshop - and have installed it on all the work computers that do not have licenses for any graphics packages).

I did spend a long time a few years back playing around with Flash and Actionscript, but I've not been anywhere near it for several versions - I'm guessing it won't have changed too much!

I have been a fan of Bryce since I got a free copy on a Computer Arts magazine CD years and years ago, and have updated as I go along - my skill with 3D design is limited, but not minimal, I also have a copy of Daz which I like to tinker with when I have the time.
I've also had a go at Blender (which I've always found a little too quirky to get totally absorbed in) ...


I've been asked on several occasions to design or redesign logo's for people - sometimes for a website, sometimes for a flyer or business card, I'm far from the best graphic designer in the world, but I'm also far from the worst ...

and most times anything will be better than the clipart and Word incarnation that they were originally going to go for!

T-Shirt I designed and had printedI've also designed and had printed a series of Water Sports based t-shirts (not a fantastically financially successful venture, but not a disaster either!)

I've been called upon, primarily while doing one of my day to day jobs, to design artwork for print companies ... the odd flyer or newsletter, and although I prefer to stick firmly in the lower echelons of DPI, I'm adept enough to only ever receive the odd phone call from confused printers!

My favourite t-shirt design


Web based stuff

I'm fairly confident finding my way around cPanel controls and WHM (I've also had a few experiences with Plesk, but am a little out of the loop with that one)

I do a lot with Joomla! (as you might be able to glean from my downloads section) - I've created modules and plugins for this excellent CMS - I've built and maintained ecommerce sites using Joomla! and Virtuemart as well as adapting flypages (Product templates) for Virtuemart systems.

Have a look at some of my Virtuemart hacks ...

Adding Manufacturers Logos to your Flypages

Installing & Using My Virtuemart Manufacturers Logos Module

(I have a collection of other Virtuemart work arounds - but these will be for Joomla 1.5, so I need to check they work with the newer versions before posting anything about them!)

As I'm kind of busy at the moment, most of my Joomla! work has only been tested on Joomla 1.6 (though it appears at a cursory glance that the majority will work on 2.5, I'd like to repackage and bug test for the updated system).

Update - My plans for the domination of the Canadian market have been scuppered and therefore updating the modules will resume when I have managed to find myself decent fulltime employment in the good old UK ... all offers gratefully received!

I've installed Wordpress for a number of people and also had dabblings with PHP List (newletter manager system) ...

At the moment I have been trying to establish the best 'off the shelf' - 'all encompassing' ecommerce solution for the company I work for (amongst others) - I had to sign up to test dozens of different solutions before I settled on Ashop Ecommerce - they're an Australian outfit (link is to their UK site), and although their system is by no means perfect, it seems to tick more of the boxes I wanted than the other competitors ...

It is fairly easy to set up, and more importantly is non-techie friendly (well as non-techie freindly as these things ever get)... its missing a few functions that you are bound to hanker after if you are moving away from having direct access to the code, but in all honesty, I think the only thing I dislike is the usual 'oh, that addon is extra' ... 'oh, thats the price if you pay for 2 years up front' ... Your product is good - don't annoy people ... its what makes them look elsewhere!

Also the inability to pay by Paypal is a big no-no (as the company is Australian based - I got charged a foreign currency fee on my credit card payment! ... I know this is the Bank making money, but its not on).

Coding and Associated Stuff

As usual, I've probably left the most important bit until last ... the bit the majority of visitors are looking for ...

... I state again, for the record ... I have no formal training in any of this stuff ... I'm totally self taught, so 'you gets what you sees' ...

I can hand code HTML - Javascript, CSS - done some JQuery and Mootools (Looked at but never tinkered with Ruby on Rails).

I've coded in asp and a little in aspx - I'd class myself as an above average PHP coder and a slightly better than amateur SQL coder (mostly MySQL - a little PostgreSQL) though I can find my way around phpMyAdmin fairly confidently and have salvaged corrupted database entries on several occassions.

I've actually written a couple of small programs in VB.NET (nothing exciting) and I'm also interested in and started to teach myself how to program Android devices ... I'll have some tutorials on this in the future ...

... I'm capable of picking most things up fairly quickly ... and I've probably forgotten to mention a few things too ... why not ask ?


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