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We don't need no education - we don't need no thought control

Though I enjoy the Pink Floyd song (not as much as others in their repertoire) - I do think that education is an important thing, I'm not totally sure if its taught in completely the right way, but then I think most people probably consider their ideas superior until they take a massive step back and give them a serious and thorough looking over ...

I passed some exams - because I am good at remembering stuff!

When I was a wee lad I attended Widey Court Primary School ... most of which I enjoyed a lot :)

I don't remember vast quantities of what happened when I was at Widey, but a few things stick in my mind - I recall Mr Harris (Brian I think he was called, though we were never allowed to call teachers by their first names) bellowing "Pardon!" at me when I had the audacity to incorrectly ask for him to repeat something by saying "What?" ... I think his intentions where good, his delivery somewhat lacking.

Mind you, this was from the man who had a single slipper and a single trainer in his wardrobe, for dishing out punishment ... I saw the trainer and the slipper, but I don't remember ever seeing them actually being used.

I also recall a lesson with Mr Comer (pronounced Comber) when a fellow classmate had continually talked through one of his lessons (the classmate was called Andrew ... I also remember his surname, but I'm polite) Mr Comer launched a blackboard rubber at him, Andrew ducked and it hit Sandra smack on the forehead (I remember Sandra's surname too).

I remember being in "yellow" team - I remember my friend showing me his little fellow after he'd had to have an emergency circumcision - oww!

I remember my science teacher making me excited to learn about things (I think he was called Mr Bamber) - I remember Miss Fisher dissecting a pig's eye (yuck) ... I remember racing my bike on the sports field at sports day (don't recall winning) ...

... then of course, I grew up and had to start to do 'more grown up' things ...

I've got a few 'O' Levels - English Lanuage, English Literature, History, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Art, Computer Studies ... pretty sure there were a few more ... oh, and GCSE Photography :)

'A' Levels - English, Economics, Law and General Studies -  I'm sure General Studies is called something else now, but at the time, it was an attempt to show you had a more rounded knowledge of lots subjects - I'm not sure if it worked, but I got a grade B and I never attended any actual lectures for the subject, now this could indicate that I did have a pretty good all encompassing education, or it could suggest the idea behind the qualification was flawed ... I like to think I do have a fairly good grasp (basic, but enquiring) of most subjects, so I'm going to go with the first - you make your own mind up!

For my secondary education, though it was well into being fazed out, I took and passed the 11-plus, and went to a 'selected' or 'grammar school' - I went to Devonport High School For Boys - which was ok.

I also did some extra qualifications at what was once called Plymouth College of Further Education, but is now known as City College Plymouth

I then did a stint working for National Westminster Bank as a Financial Services Officer (this is a rather grand name for a very menial job). I hated this and left after 2 years to, well generally do any job I could, until I went to Sunderland University to study for a degree in Communication Studies (which I got .. a 'Desmond' as it happens ... if you don't understand the reference, you'll have to google it).

I actually started to study for a MA in Cultural & Textual Studies, but only managed (for several reasons) to complete the first term ... thats another story ...


Me as a kid :)

Here's a really amusing photo of me at primary school - check out that haircut (Mum - Bowl - Scissors ... what else could you ever wish for?)

Yes - we did have shorts :)

We also had caps, but I don't recall them being compulsory.







Devonport High School for BoysThis is my secondary school - Devonport High School for Boys (yes no girls, well a few in the sixth form)

It used to be a military hospital during the Napoleonic Wars, the tuckshop whilst I was there used to be the mortuary :)


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