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Some information about my past employment ...

Heres a list of the things I've done ...


Agency Work

Since my failed attempt to emigrate, and my leaving my job at Yacht Parts to move in with the old's and save a little money, I've had plenty of temporary agency jobs!

Unfortunately, with the economy the way it is, most of these jobs have been minimum wage (and some have been a little too much like hard work!)

I've worked at Calendar Club in Exeter for two Xmas seasons now, taking on a variety of roles, replenishing (which is a posh way of saying restocking in order that my colleagues have enough products to fulfill their orders), picking and packing (fulfilling those orders I mentioned before) and dispatch ... obvious that one :D

Freelance Website Developer (I've done this on and off for many years now) ...


I got my first internet related job by accident, well if you can call infidelity an accident :D

I had been helping my girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend), negotiate for a contract with a department at Plymouth University who needed a website designed and built.

Originally I was just going to do nothing more than build a couple of .NET pages (using the old Active Server Pages ... before they added the 'x') to add some interactivity.

Then my girlfriend dumped me :( - I'd like to say I was devastated, but I'd be lying, I was upset at first, and a little more than annoyed to discover that relationship had ended as some sort of attempt at moral self delusion, so my ex could say she had not slept with the other guy while we were together (merely finished with me, in order to sleep with him ... strange how some peoples minds work? Hey, I can't really say anything, I chose to go out with her!) ...

More importantly her infidelitey lead to her not replying to the chap at the university, who eventually contacted me to say "Whats going on?" ... I gave him an abridged version of the above, and he said "So, do you want to do it all?" ...

Since then I've designed and built and maintained numerous websites and helped organise and collate information for many more -

I've learnt what I've needed as I go along with my Web Development, and more and more (as I've had to concentrate on my day job) I've mostly been called upon to consult rather than actually build anything ... as I've managed to keep a foot in both camps, technical and creative, I've discovered I'm perfect as a liason between those who want web services but don't fully understand them and those who provide the services but are not proficient at 'non-techie' speak :D


Shop & Web Administrator


My previous day job was for a Chandlery (shop for bits for boats).

Its a small family run business thats been around for almost 30 years and I was originally employed to organise the website and help out in the shop when it became necessary, however, as with many small businesses (and through a number of unfortunate events) the expectations of my job have gradually expanded and expanded to encompass more and more of the day to day running.

Having rebuilt and mantained the companies website in several incarnations now, I was also involved in dealing with customers and suppliers face to face, over the phone and by email.

I ran our advertising and marketing campaigns, I organised deliveries and collections, I filled in wherever I was needed.

I enjoyed the diversity the job brought.


Inflatable Boat Engineer


For a while I fixed the inflatable boats for the Royal Navy & the Royal Marines (also a couple of other organisations I a little more secretive) ... this was for a private company, but our primary role was to service a contract for the MOD (Ministry of Defence) ... we also fixed your tiny tender for your yacht if you wanted us to.

I worked for a small team (all ex military) who trained me up and then let me loose on rubber military equipment!

Althought the job was a temporary one, I enjoyed it immensely (as I like to use my hands) and although I think I would probably not make a very good soldier, I enjoyed working with a team of highly organised (if slightly odd) individuals.

My job there ended when the company moved the work to a division elsewhere in the country ... in the two years I worked there, we never had any boats returned as unsuitable ... within six months, the company lost the contract through poor workmanship.



When I got back from University, there was very little in the way of work available ... so we did what we could to survive, one of the jobs I had was with a friend of a friend who had a small gardening firm.

I'd done gardening before, but nothing on this scale :D

At the time I also discovered I have a knack for designing and landscaping, though we mostly dealt with mowing lawns and keeping flowerbeds tidy, there were occasions where I designed and built decking and garden features ... in our own garden, I like to leave things to the expert, but I'm always happy to grab a shovel and move a couple tons of earth!


Self Employed Catering Equipment Supplier


For a while I supplied catering equipment to restaurants and fast food outlets - the truth is, a friend of mine designed and had built a 'contact grill' ... not unlike that George Foreman thing, but on a much grander scale.

I attended trade shows and sold these things to people and (as they had very few moving parts) also doubled as a maintenance engineer whenever there were problems.

They made very tasty food those contact grills, and really really quickly.


Record Shop Assistant


This was in a shop that actually only sold 'records' - you know, those weird black vinyl things that your dad bangs on about!

I got to meet some very shall we say 'interesting' people while I did this job ... people who collect vinyl are an unusual bunch, some are dj's looking for samples, others are train spotters with a different obsession ... have you ever seen that movie about the record shop owner? I can't remember the name ... the truth is much more bizarre!

I learnt lots here, I set up the eBay shop for the owner, and amassed a large (and sometimes useful) knowledge of outlandish music as well as a good collection of strange acquaintances.

If you can deal with the customers in a record shop, you can deal with customers.


Data Input


The only job I ever got because of nepotism ...

Whilst at University, I had a summer job inputting data for Chief Inspector Harris Devon & Cornwall Constabulary (dad) ... ok, he didn't get me the job, but he did put me forward to the guy who did (I'm hoping I got the job because I could do it, not because my dad was his boss).

Anyway, I had to input crime reports into the new computer system ... you won't believe what some people get up to!


Other Jobs - Here and There


Other positions I've had include ...

Financial Services Officer for National Westminster Bank - I managed investments for wealthy customers and administered Estates (Probate) for those who wouldn't be doing much more moving around.

Plumbers Mate - Another summer position whilst at University.

Accounts Assistant - A part time job whilst at School, I helped an Accountant do the bookkeeping for several small businesses three mornings a week.

Administrative Assistant at The Land Registry - in between leaving my first full time job and going to University, I had several temporary jobs, the longest being at The Land Registry, where I helped identify who, if anybody, owned the title to different plots of land.

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