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that is ... i b paulus, or rather I'm Paul - I was born in the summer of love in 1967 and I can categorically confirm (having met my parents) that I am not a product of free love, nor a drug induced tryst ... my dad was a policeman and both my parents grew up in rather out of the way places, a very long way from the centre of the 'swinging sixities' :D

I should explain that the name i-r-paulus derives from a late 90's cartoon called I Am Weasel ...


... So ... my internet name is after this guy ...

i r baboon

Funky Shirt & Tie - Very 1970'sSee the similarity? :D

Back to what I was saying ... oh yes, the 60's ....most people I have spoken to who were around in the 60's * say that they never saw any of the sorts of things the average Austin Powers movie might suggest.

* I think the expression "If you remember the 60's, you weren't there" can only be truthfully applied to people my age ... I was four when I can recall my first clear memory (so 1970!) - it's the same as those who grew up during the House Music thing in the 90's - I was there, I remember it, those are the types of people who "went to the University of Life" ... from experience I can tell you those people will rip you off, or try to sleep with your girlfriend ... or both!

I'm a big fan of most things 60's (but not everything) people seem to think I'm a hippy because I have my hair long, but this is not completely untrue - mostly I am having long hair because I am not a fan of hairdressers, well, thats unfair on hairdressers ... what I mean to say is I'm not over enamoured with the idea of going to the hairdressers ... once I'm there I particularily like having my hair washed, its just preening is pretty low on my agenda.

I keep myself clean but as you can see from the photo, I'm no fashionista!


I guess I should give you some kind of clue about my personality, which is rather difficult without sounding like I'm making things up to increase the chances people will like me more ... oh, hang on, thats a good place to start ...

I don't care if people like me or not

Thats not to say I don't prefer it when people do like me, its just I've come to the conclusion that worrying whether you are liked is a pointless exercise ... I'm a generous, genuine and honest person, if you don't like me, why should I care?

Heres something that confuses me about people ... Theres a guy lives across the road from me, I say 'hello' to him, he ignores me ... I have no idea why he doesn't like me, perhaps I remind him of the guy who stole his first true love away from him, or perhaps he's just a miserable petty minded person ... not bothered, more important things to think about ...

I tend to say what I think and I try to (wherever diplomatically possible) express my opinions on things ... I'm not opposed to people having different opinions and I'm not adverse to having my ideas changed by a coherent argument, in fact I believe many of the worlds ills could most likely be lessened if people in general actually questioned their own dogmatic ideas once in a while ... ok, perhaps I am a bit of a hippy!


I'm not afraid to say ...

... I'm not afraid to say "I'm sorry" if I make a mistake (I try very hard not to make mistakes)

... I'm not afraid to say "I have no idea what that means, can you explain it to me" - there have been a number of times I have been involved in negotiations where it eventually transpires that one or more of the parties involved had actually lost track of what was happening a long time ago and had been 'winging it' in the hope nobody would notice.

... always ask questions (try to ask the right questions first time)

... always listen - this is the first rule of communication ... its the one really important thing I learnt on my degree course!

I promise to do my best

I was actually never in the Boy Scouts - I did go along for two weeks, but I never got inaugurated - that aside, its a good principle to have ... sometimes you have to tell people they won't be getting the best from you (time restrictions, illness, lack of resources) but you should always do the best you can with the tools provided :D

I like to be proud of what I've done

I like nothing more than being able to say - "I did that!"

Whether its fixing a boat, digging a flower bed, making jewellery or designing a website, if you can't be proud of what you've done, then you haven't tried your best (see previous statement).

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