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I've been taking photographs 'on and off' for over 25 years, when I say 'on and off' I pretty much mean, I took photographs between the ages of about 17 and 24 and then between 42 and now!

Years and years ago, I had a friend who went to Plymouth Art College and it was him who taught me how to develop and print my own black and white photographs ... even before this I'd enjoyed taking photographs, but this was the impetous to convince me to do a night school course (I am the proud owner of a grade 'A' O Level in Photography).

After using borrowed SLR's for sometime, I saved up all my money from various sources and bought myself a Pentax SFX, which at the time was the latest in Auto Focus technology - I had many years of joy from my trusty camera until ...

... after being at university for a while, I had to sell my camera for beer money text books.

Getting into Video

When I purchased my first smartphone, I re-discovered the joys of photography all over again ... although the camera on the phone was limited my ex gifrlfriend realised I was spending more time using it for photography than for making phone calls and (while conspiring with my mum) bought me a Lumix G1 for my birthday!

Since then I've had plenty of time to enjoy taking early morning walks in the countryside - with a few hairy encounters. I've learnt to take my camera everywhere with me ... after the first couple of times of thinking "oh, I wish I had my camera with me", you learn to accept that "carrying this camera around is a bit annoying" is a more useful problem to be contending with.

I really enjoy photography, though I'm very aware that I'm a good photographer, not a great photographer - I'm getting better and better every day and with every photo I take, it's one of the things I love about the hobby, theres always something new to learn or some new combination of settings and lighting to try out :)

While you are here, you should check out some of my photographs on Flickr ...


Digital Photography has its advantagesOne of the things I decided when I was younger, was there was very little chance I could afford to become a professional photographer (though I did get paid for several photoshoots for a modelling agency and numerous pet and kids pictures) ... the main reason for this was the processing ... buying the film, feeding it onto those spools in the dark, mixing up your chemicals (forgetting to add stuff when you were supposed to) then having to print each photograph by hand (well my Black & White anyway) ... everything was so expensive - in time as well as monetary terms ... but now we have digital cameras ... woohoo!

Eveybody should be able to take a half decent photograph now ... take a 1000 photos of your cat - 1 of them is bound to be good!

I've now taken 1000's of photographs of ... say, trees - and I can tell you, I've managed to capture a fair few good ones :D ...

100's of pretty useless ones too, but hey, thats how we learn ...


If you like the look of some of my photographs, your welcome to use them (with the appropriate credits ... and if you are a business, with a bit of cash, why not offer me an incentive to let you use them !)

Have a look at the page I've created on this website about why I love my Flickr account, or head straight over to see my Flickr Photostream.

I've started (not very extensive yet) a section of my own 'Photo of the Day' - why not give it a whirl?

Photography is really something I enjoy on a personal level, I've my Flickr account, and I really do enjoy reading peoples comments, but mostly my photos are for me ...  anything else is a bonus!

I'm nearly always weeks behind on uploading images I've taken, and setting tags for them, or allocating them into sets, or inputting geo-locations ... but I do (on occasion, usually when its been raining heavily for 3 or 4 days) manage to find time to make an attempt on keeping up to date :D



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