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I love my Flickr account :)

Not only do I get to upload my photographs for all my friends and relatives to look at, but I've also learnt lots from looking at the sort of things other people do ... and just making mistakes ...

If you've never used Flickr, or one of the photo storage websites like it, then perhaps youSetting Access to who can view your Flickr Photos Online should try, most of them are free (up to a point) and most allow you to create accessibility settings to your images, so if you want to restrict who can see some of your photographs, you can do so (I know this was a concern of several people who wanted to use the service, but felt it was intrusive).

One of the things about Flickr that I really like, is that I can set the licensing for my images - I don't make any money from my photography, its a hobby, but I don't want people using my images wherever they choose, so I can choose to allow people to use my images, or restrict them.

Creative Commons License on Some Of My Flickr ImagesI'm a big fan of sharing stuff, so many of my images are licensed under the Creative Commons ... you can choose what sort of organisations can use your image, how they can use it, and what they need to do if they choose to use it :)


I've even created a Flickr Set that contains those images that you can freely use on your website or whatever :)


I'm adding to this all the time (it's almost a fulltime job keeping on top of the ever growing number of images I have on Flickr) so check back regularly ...

My Creative Commons Set On Flickr


Heres a preview of some of the photos on that set:


If you are not too keen on using Flickr, why not try one of the other photo (and video) sharing websites that are out there ...


23HQ - Share you photos with friends and family 23HQ lets you upload 30 photos every month for free, and for a small fee (EUR 20/year at present) you can have this restriction removed.

Picasa Web - Use Google's web photo album system, you'll need to sign in with your Google account. I use Picasa a little, and you can download a desktop application to organise the images on your hard drive too!

Gallery - If you know a bit about setting up PHP based websites then you might want to try out Gallery, its an Open Source web based photo album organizer.

Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you're running a small personal site or a large community site.

I've not used it, but it looks cool and when I have time, I'm going to dabble :)

Photobucket - Offers a hosting service for photos, videos and your graphics, along with a host of effects and widgets that you can use to tinker with your images online.

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