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    Archived tutorialsDon't forget - these are archived tutorials - the instructions below will relate to Joomla! 1.5 and/or Joomla! 1.6.

    Updated versions will eventually be available in the 'Tutorials' section.

    Jul 20 2010

    Installing and Using the Mobypicture Widget Module

    The Mobypicture Widget module is just a tidier way to place the mobypicture widget in your Joomla module positions without having to faff with code in editors :)

    First download the module here!

    Save it somewhere you'll be able to find it later ...

    Then get yourself over to your Joomla website administrator page and click on Extensions then Install/Uninstall

    Install it

    navigate to where you saved the mod_mobypictureswij zip file and upload it :)

    the zipped file

    If everything worked ok, you should see something like that below ...

    everyhting works

    To setup the module, you need to navigate your way to Extensions then Module Manager

    edit the module

    Then check the dropdown until you spot mod_mobypictureswij and click on it :)

    fing the module and start editing

    This opens up the following ... click the link to edit the settings

    mobypictures module

     You can enable the module, set the module positions and which pages your module appears on, as in all Joomla modules ...

    Enable the module

     This is a pretty basic module, it just makes it easier to add the MobyPicture widget to your Joomla site without the usual faffing, so the parameters are best left alone, but I have added a 'text before' and 'text after' section for convenience ...

    MobyPicture Widget Parameters

    Make sure you put your Mobypicture id in not mine :)

    Save everything :)

    Then check that it all works ...

    MobyPicture Widget Works

    All done - I have to say, I wrote this a month or so ago ages ago, and at the time I only had a mobile phone camera.

    BUT - hopefully this is useful to others :)


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