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i-r-paulus is me, Paul.

I've been taking photo's for a long while now, with quite a large gap in between :D

After being haranged about making something of my photography, I've made the leap to altering my once personal (and curriculum vitae) based website, to one which is primarily concerned with my photography.

I'm happy to discuss any requirements, happy to try anything new and happy to have my camera in hand .

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lone Tree Gallery

... Alone ...

... Lonely ...

... words that usually mean sad ... but do they need to?

Time alone can be the most rewarding.

Lonely only exists because there is together.

The tree alone can be the strongest of a group long gone.

The unique with the persistence to grow where others fear to put down roots.

Why not have a look at my Flickr Photostream?

Below you'll find the latest images from my Flickr Lone Tree set.

I use my flickr account for experimental stuff, general tinkering and looking for new ideas -so it's a good place to see what I'm up to!

i-r-paulus on Flickr
i-r-paulus on Flickr

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