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    Archived tutorialsDon't forget - these are archived tutorials - the instructions below will relate to Joomla! 1.5 and/or Joomla! 1.6.

    Updated versions will eventually be available in the 'Tutorials' section.

    Feb 28 2011

    Installing & Using My Custom Google Talk Status Thingie

    This module grabs the code that is used to display your Google Talk Badge and instead of the usual (and frankly completely adequate) speech bubble you can display your own images and/or text :)

    Standard Google Talk Speech Bubble

    1st you will need a Google Account and Google Talk and then you will have to set yourself up with a Google Talk Badge (you can do this once you are logged into your Google Account (Google 'Google Talk Badge' whilst logged into your Google Account )...

    ... once you have these things in place, you can use the module :)

    Download the file for your version of Joomla from my downloads page.

    For the 1.5 version you need to follow these instructions - (the instructions for the 1.6 version are similar, but I never got around to writing them - email me if you are desperate for pointers)

    In the administration page - click on Extensions then Install/Uninstall

    Load Extension

    Browse to where you saved the file you downloaded and upload it to your website

    If everything goes to plan then you should see something like the screenshot below :)

    (most of the images are from my original website - hence the logo)

     woohoo it loaded

    Now click Extensions then Module Manager to setup the module to work with your website.

    Module Manager

    On the dropdown, look for the module - its called mod_custom_transparent_gtalk_status click it when you found it!

     Select It Here

    Click on the module name to edit the settings and get it looking luvverly on your own wonderful webpages.

    Edit The Parameters

    As is my usual approach, I'm not going to explain how to choose the position of your module or which pages that you want my module to appear on, the Joomla! documentation is pretty good for this, or you can always do what I do - press stuff until it works or vanishes ... if it vanishes, go for a walk and think about what you have done!

    Pick Your Positions and Pages :)

    How to adjust parameters for the module ...

    Module Class Suffix - just the standard way of adding individual stylingModule Class Suffix

    Basic Styling - Position everything to the Left - Right or Centre (yes I spell it correctly LOL)

     Basic Layout

    Add some text before your status image - you can put HTML here if you want :)

    Text B4

    Add some text after your status image - deja vu ? but after rather than before ...

    Text After

    Show the Badge Title - when you setup the Badge through your Google Account - there is an option to have a Title for your Google Talk (Gtalk) Badge, this option allows it to be shown :)

    Badge Title

    Show Message - This shows any custom message you might have for your Google Talk - or it shows which music track that you are listening to ... this only works with Winamp, Windows Media Player and another one that I don't have :)Show The Message From Your Badge

    Custom Message Override - Once I'd built this I realised that if you have an image that tells you what your online status is, you don't really need to show this in text form, so this allows you to turn the test status on or off ...

    Don't Show Image and Text that say the same thing :)

    Token from your Google Talk Badge - when you setup your Google Talk Badge, there is some nice code that you need to copy and paste into your webpage for the chat facility to work ...

     Google Talk Badge Code

    you'll need to select the bit between tk= and &amp - this will be a really long string of characters and numbers ... (don't use mine, otherwise all your friends will be chatting to me and will obviously no longer find you interesting enough to associate with).

    Copy This Code Here

     Oh, don't forget to choose Standard when you setup your badge in your Google Account (did I mention that? probably not ... do you have any idea how long these tutorials take to write? its a total pain ... its not like I don't have anything better to do ... if you like the module, make a donation ... any amount ... nothing too small) ...

    Choose Standard

    ... Its been a while since I wrote the module, but I'm pretty sure I didn't test it with any other of the choices ...

     Save your settings and navigate over to see if everything has worked out ok ...

    Custom Message

    This is the result with a custom message ...

    Music Track Playing

    Which Music Track I'm listening to !

    Not to worry, I've included a few more generic images for your guys (if you want mine email me, though it would seem like an odd request and I would probably have to report you for being strange)...

    Generic Bubbles

    If you want to use your own images, you'll need to use cPanel or ftp your images to /modules/mod_custom_transparent_gtalk_status/images/

    There are 4 images for Google Talk  status - online.png, offline.png, away.png and busy.png ...

     FTP your own images :)

    ... ignore the logo.png (thats just for me).

    Good Luck -

    Some Sources:

    Show Google talk status on your website -  a great resource - showed me how to use cURL to get the info I needed

    gtalk status checker with php - really helpful in breaking down the string returned (eventually used a different system)

    parse a string between two strings in php - brilliant little piece of code I used to find the info I need from the string returned from Google

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