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I'm no expert when it comes to Servers, but I've tinkered with websites enough to know how to set things up, how to tweak settings and how not to make the same mistakes I did!

These tutorials will hopefully help you avoid pitfalls and get you started.

Don't forget this is an archived tutorial.

So you've had a great idea for a website, now it's time to buy the website name.

How do you do that?

Well, there are actually 100's of ways you can do this, lets start by looking at ways NOT to do it.

1) Do not let anybody you do not trust ever buy a domain name for you!
2) Do not be tempted to buy a domain name that is similar to yours after you have received an email or letter suggesting that it might be a good idea - this is a con, not a particularly bad one, but these people DO NOT own the other domain names, they will buy them once you say you are interested and then charge you 20 times the price!!!!

I buy my domain names through I've never had a problem with them and they are fairly cheap. Wherever you are, look for recommendations and buy your domain name yourself!

If you are in the UK register for 123-reg and buy your domain name.
At the same time you might want to pay for some webspace.

I have webspace seperate from 123-reg, so in order to use my funky new domain name, I have to get my Domain Name Registrar to point my domain to the servers where my webspace is hosted.

Firstly I login to my registrar's website:

Login to your Domain Name Registrars Website

Now I have to 'manage' my domains (though 'manage' is frankly too grandiose for what is clicking a few buttons).

Choose your domain name




All registrars websites will be different, but all of them should have a way to 'manage' your domain names.

Notice mine is reminding me I have domain names that expire soon ... I let them go, because I'm like that.

123-Reg has a nice simple layout - I like simple


The Domain Control Panel on 123-Reg is really simple - I like simple!

I need to change my Nameservers so my domain name points towards the server I have my webspace on, so I just click on Change Nameservers.


Enter the DNS of your Host


You find out what your Nameservers are called from your Hosting Company.

Each domain name must have at least two name servers listed when the domain is registered.

These name servers are commonly named and, where "servername" is the name of the server.

The first server listed is the primary server, while the second is used as a backup server if the first server is not responding.

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These are screenshots from my previous website - the login screens etc have now changed a little in layout, but the priciples are the same :D

First of all you need to start up your favourite browser and point it to your webspace - either your cPanel or WHM, you'll get asked to login ...

First Thing, set up some webspace.

Once you have logged in, you will need to setup a new account - just click on the 'Create a new account' link.

You have to enter the URL of your new website and create a Username, Password and an Email.

Pick a difficult to guess password - we all know its annoying to have to remember them all, but it's safer than being hacked - when I started hosting sites I made a few mistakes in this area.

Pick A Password.

Don't forget that if you or your customer intend to use an email account from the domain you are in the process of setting up now, you will have to create this email address later!

When you're done - click the Ok button ... and wait for the nice progress bar to tell you when everythings done.
Once everything has been completed, you should see a screen like the one below:

Confirmation Screen.

Vey shortly afterwards (if you have done everything correctly) you will receive a confirmation email to your cPanel administrators email address -

Confirmation Email.

Now you are ready for the hard work!


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