I be a proper Wez Country bey ... I be 'onest, 'ardwerkin an you bez not cross me


I'm no magician, but if I can think of a way of doing something, I'll give it a go!


Nah ... not really ... all the bad stuff stays in my head ... or comes out in my images :D


A great valuable team member who is very creative, successful and loved by our clients.

live long

Social i-r-paulus

Here isHere is where I hope you'll learn a little more about me and what I can do ...

I noticed, whilst attempting to write this, that I have quite a collection of 'selfies' ... I just wanted to say that this is purely because in the abscence of any attractive model, the easiest option is to place myself in front of the camera!

This has a two-fold advantage ... cheap ... and perfect for making all the mistakes before trying it for real!



paulus pirate2What is a Pirate? ...
1. a person who robs or commits illegal violence at sea or on the shores of the sea.

Nope ... not even that good a sailor!

2. a ship used by such persons.

Well I do have a poop deck (kind of)

3. any plunderer, predator, etc.: confidence men, slumlords, and other pirates.

Hmm ... none of the above.

4. a person who uses or reproduces the work or invention of another without authorization.

Most definitely not ... all my work is original ... just like everything else ever created (ahem)

“It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.” Jean-Luc Godard

... so ... ok, I'm not really a pirate ... I have unkempt hair, a tinge of a Devonian accent (which becomes more pronounced after a few pints of Guinness) but thats about where the similarities end ...

... unless of course, you look at how I have come to approach photography ... I'm not in the least a technical photographer, I understand the 'buttons' and the 'settings' ... and even, to a certain extent; the really rather tedious specifications stuff ... but thats not how I take photographs.

I 'see' an image in my mind and then I try my best to make the camera see it the way I do ... sometimes it all works fantastically, other times it looks totally different from what I planned (but I'll still take the compliments if there are any!)

Pirate - Wizard - Dangerous - No Frills


Wizard PaulThere is no such thing as magic, but there is such a thing as 'unexpected' and the coalescence of several elements in an unusual way to give the illusion of something mysterious.

In laymans terms, the camera can lie :D

Also helps if there is a gratuitous amount of photoshop added (that being said, I tend to try and do as much of my work 'in camera' as possible).

So, I'm not a wizard, a magician ... I guess, maybe an illusionist.

Never thought of it in that way before, but I suppose part of the work of a photographer is to make you think you see something that isn't/wasn't there :D


Pirate - Wizard - Dangerous - No Frills


vampire paulI am not at all dangerous ... nor mad nor bad ... but I have learnt to live a little more precariously in my maturity, trying things (rather than thniking about trying them) attempting stuff (rather than thinking it might be a little too risky, or too much like hard work).

I think that sort of approach to photography means I sometimes get the chance to capture in a way that others might not.

I am constantly trying to find new ways of creating images, new methods, old lenses, bodged together props and half baked plans.

Everybody is capable of creating something unique, or at least unexpected ... it is just a case of having the nerve to give it a go!

I'm kind of a hodge podge of Houdini without a clue :D


Pirate - Wizard - Dangerous - No Frills

No Frills

Farmer PaulI think if you asked my what my best quality was, I would have to say that I'm honest.

Obviously I do possess the propensity to lie when it is socially inappropriate not to do so, but fundamentally I have come to the conclusion that untruths are pits we cannot eventually dig ourselves out of.

I may also be a part time philosopher ;)

I can only suggest you offer to buy me a coffee and we'll go from there!


Pirate - Wizard - Dangerous - No Frills

Just a little aside for you ... I don't like to shave (it is tedious and takes up valuable photography time) so I tend to be unshaven ... however, eventually the old beard ultimately becomes a tad too annoying (food becomes trapped etc etc) and then it requires trimming (which in itself is tedious) ... so I tend to then shave the beard off completely ... the gap in between this hirsute and clean shaven i-r-paulus ...  is the time when I do most of my 'selfie' shooting :D


I love you ...

Won't you tell me your name?