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To meTo me, collaborations are what seem to make photography interesting.

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I'm very happy to work on my own, but sometimes it is also great fun to work on some ideas with others.

I have to say I'm not the best at working with other photographers (unless I know them well) but I've found that I can get inside a persons mind and help them create the kind of image that they enjoy.

Some of my favourite images have been a joint effort between model and photographer.


The important bit seems to be making sure its fun!

If you want me to 'shoot' you, I like to spend some time getting to know you, and that way there is a much better chance we'll come up with some interesting images.

I don't mean we need to go for a meal, or spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods; just a few simple chats on social media (or a cup of tea if we live close to one another).


"With Paul was a really great photo shoot!! I really liked work with Paul!

And i can't wait to work with him again!

He is very creative and friendly as well :D "


"Awesome shoot with Paul the other day!

He has loads of really creative and quirky ideas and the images are amazing! He certainly knows his stuff when it comes to photography and cameras.

100% recommend"


"Paul is lovely and an extremely professional photographer.He was welcoming, easy to get on with and overall a pleasure to work with. He has a great creative flare and if you're looking to add something a bit different to your portfolio then get in touch with him :D"


" I would without a doubt recommend getting into contact with Paul for any of your photographing needs as I am certain that not only will you have great fun, but that you will also be 100% satisfied with the photos that are produced"


"Paul is incredible, skilled, friendly and a delight to work to with.

I do hope to work with him again as the shots he has taken are incredible."


"I had a great shoot today with Paul :D I found him to be very easy to work with. He was happy to hear my ideas, as well as conveying his own. I look forward to working with Paul in the near future on other projects, and would happily recommend him to other models."


"Paul was an excellent photographer, I felt very at ease and he has lots of great ideas.

Paul was very professional ... a pleasure to work with and hope to do so again.

I would highly recommend."


Most of the images I design myself ... others come about because I've built up a rapport with my subjects ... give me a try ... go on ... message me!





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